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Who are we ?


Beccles & Gorleston Shukokai Karate Group are a martial arts club formed in the early 80's by Sensei Kantu Patel. We follow the teaching of sensei Tani the founder of Shukokai which simply put means "way for all"

Traditions and etiquette : it cannot be stressed enough the importance of tradition and correct etiquette within the dojo and everyday life. Karateka was founded and is still practised under strict guidelines of tradition and honour ,respect for your kamiza,your instructors and your fellow students as well as your dojo and all other aspects of karate life,this respect should be carried forward into your normal everyday activities and practised wherever you go.
Honour your karate and it will in return ,honour you.

 Karate literally means "empty hand" and karate-do "the way of the empty hand" which is a method of fighting without the use of weapons. (Master Chojiro Tani Quote )
Karate is not just punching, kicking, and blocking - that is technique.
Karate is an art. Everyone should have a high goal and ideal strive for achievement; not low level but high level History of Shukokai
Sensei Tani began studying Goju Karate while at Junior High school. When he entered the Doshisha University, he began studying Shito Ryu Karate. Upon receiving his Menko (Teachers Certificate) from Kenwa Mabuni, Sensei Tani began teaching Tani-Ha Shito Ryu at his own Dojo in 1948. He proudly hung a wood carved sign above the entrance which said Shukokai. Sensei Tani sought to perfect his style by studying the mechanics of the human body and developed techniques which can be delivered with maximum efficiency.
Over a long period of time Sensei Tani evolved and developed Shukokai. He always laid stress on the importance of etiquette, discipline and mental control and was at pains constantly to promote the improvement of technique.
When Sensei Tani retired as Chief Technical Director he appointed Shigeru Kimura (8th Dan) as his successor. Kimura Sensei had won the World All-Styles Championship when only 21 years of age and had twice been the All-Japan champion before retiring from active competition.

Training times & venues.



                                              Ringsfield road, Beccles, Suffolk            


Junior grades -        Wednesday evening  18.30 hrs - 19.30 hrs

Senior grades -       Wednesday evening   19.30 hrs - 21.00 hrs


                                              Gorleston S.K.G

                                              Cliff Park Primary School

                                              Orde Avenue, Gorleston, Norfolk.


Junior grades -        Tuesday evening  18.30 hrs - 19.30 hrs

Senior grades -        Tuesday evening   19.30 hrs - 21.00 hrs


                                               Lowestoft S.K.G

                                               Woods Loke Primary School

                                               Lowestoft, Suffolk


Junior grades -        Wednesday evening 18.30hrs -19.30hrs 

Senior grades -        Wednesday evening 19.30hrs - 21.00hrs 

Contact - Robert Southcott 01493 844761                                                             


For more information about our club or any other martial arts questions then please email us by clicking on this link -




If you are interested in joining our group & need any more information please drop us an e-mail or just turn up on one of our training nights and you will be made most welcome